Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did Roguelephant Get Started?

We started in Chicago with a few ideas, than we went into action and started printing some of those ideas. We would sell them anywhere, what began as a few shirts at work,  lead to festivals and eventually a store.

What Inspires You?

Everyday life, Mother Nature in all her beautiful glory. Pop Culture and Sports are HUGE influences in our designs. We wont mess with political affiliations, drugs or Nudes. We keep it Classy!

What Made You Move West?

Well there is a famous Kendrick Lamar song that says something about Cali. But we moved out here to build our Truck, Chicago wasnt having any part of Mobile Retail so we closed up shop and moved West!

What's Next?

Youll just have to wait and see, but I can guarantee its gonna be dope.